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Customer-Centric Marketing Will Grow Your Loyalty List

customer centric marketing design

Didi you know that a customer-centric marketing approach has proven consistently to increase business revenue and this is why we do not care about our own clients; we do not cater to CEOs egos or board members personal interests.

We, at MEC workshop, look after your customer. We are customer-centric because we know If you don’t acquire and retain customers, your business or brand won’t survive, and we would have failed as marketers.

According to the CMO Council, only 14% of marketers believe that customer-centricity is a hallmark of their companies.
A business that forgets that creates marketing materials that are business-centric is destined to fail. They’ll build the wrong products, invest in the wrong resources, and lose goodwill with customers.

A customer-centric marketing approach has proven consistently to increase business revenue. When you train yourself to listen to your customer’s needs and build your products and services to meet your customer needs, anticipates your customer wants. You provide a level of service that keeps customers coming through the door and advocating for the brand you win on all levels the CEO, board members, brand manager, your client is happy as they are getting a return on their investment.

There are so many ways for a business to have a customer-centric culture here are two main points

  1. Customer-centric marketing makes customers take part in a business’s marketing message. By using strategies such as #customeradvocacy, automatically your #marketingcommunication will deliver helpful, relevant content to customers, even after they’ve made a sale. Doing so will turn customers into influencers that generate new customers through referrals, word-of-mouth.

  2. Customer-centric sales get your sales team on board and create a more customer-focused strategy. Tailor your selling to leads needs and desires, instead again of focusing on CEO’s or the sales representatives view or need. Rather than only reacting to incoming requests from leads, the customer-centric sales team will need to be proactive in sharing helpful content as well as insights on #socialmedia, #WhatsApp etc. Marketers need to work closely with the sales team to support them on ways to engage with their leads to broadening their knowledge, insights and network.

tips on how to become customer-centric
  1. Listen to your customer

  2. Pay attention to customer trends

  3. Collect customer feedback

  4. Conduct periodical surveys

  5. Provide proactive services

  6. Be available

  7. Take the time to meet your customer

  8. Adopt customer service tools

  9. Look beyond the purchase/ contract

  10. Create an onboarding customer process.

Take action today to develop a customer-centric culture in your business contact us to share with you a full plan and more details that are in line with your industry and brand.