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The Future of E-Commerce After COVID-19 – Success Through Customer Service

the future of e-commerce after covid - how to grow?

The e-commerce boom that occurred when COVID-19 began doesn’t show signs of slowing, even as pandemic restrictions are lifted. The popularity of e-commerce had steadily increased even before the pandemic began. But the rate of growth since 2020 significantly exceeded expectations. Businesses were challenged to rapidly ramp up online offerings, due to demand.


The good news is, the investment in e-commerce capabilities will be worth the expense. The challenge will be to rise above competitors in your field who offer online sales options. The key to success with e-commerce in the future after COVID-19 is to provide superior customer experiences and stellar follow-up customer service. E-commerce promises to play prominently in retail’s post-pandemic future. But it’s essential to make sure your business takes the right approach.  


Even customers hesitant to make online purchases will initiate the transition to e-commerce if barriers are removed from the process. So, complex and confusing websites must be transformed into efficient customer service centers. The following considerations must take precedence:  


      Making shoppers’ visits to your website simple with a clean and inviting layout.

      Verifying that your website works in a way that helps visitors quickly find what they’re looking for.

      Ensuring checkout is easy and secure.


It’s important to note that brick and mortar will continue to be important even as online sales increase. The EY Future Consumer Index, found, in early 2021, that 37% of U.S. consumers plan to buy online but pick their purchases up in a local store more often in the future.


Today, Unilever is leading the way when it comes to making key strategic choices for driving business growth and making a positive difference to the world and their customers by making certain online and brick and mortar operations work together seamlessly. You can too, by providing prompt and reliable delivery – as well as superior overall customer service, will make your business stand out from the rest. The noted considerations will contribute to your business success as e-commerce expands in the future beyond COVID-19. 




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