FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: How marketers can prepare - MEC workshop

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022: How marketers can prepare

FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - MONICA CHIKHANI

The World Cup gets plenty of attention in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 — kicking off in November — will see the sporting spectacle taking place in the Middle East for the first time, with interest likely reaching fever pitch.

So, we’ve been digging into clients’ subscriber database of cases, articles, and research papers to draw out consumer and media insights around football’s biggest tournament and #qatar2022. With much of the world set to follow the action this fall – FIFA research suggests there were 26.2bn cumulative TV views of the last tournament – it’s no surprise that World Cup-related marketing is a big focus for big brands.

How to win in a cluttered period, where everyone you know is advertising and trying to grow their revenue. Here are three need-to-knows to help your brand kick-off for what is looking to be the most digital World Cup ever:

  1. The World Cup is played offline but experienced online

    1. Marketing tip: Connect with fans while they’re searching thru:
      1. Know your Fans
      2. Give them what they want, not what you want
      3. Be where they are online
      4. Broad Match keywords
      5. Smart Bidding
      6. Responsive Search Ads
  1. World Cup fans want an all-access pass beyond the 90-minute game

    1. Marketing tip: Know where fans are and connect early
      1. Football supports in the region show up online 4 weeks at least before the start of the FIFA World Cup
      2. Google’s Robust Signals can offer precise data, including YouTube Masthead
      3. Video Reach campaigns are essential, while Trueview for Action are ideal for driving leads
  1. World Cup fans want content variety

    1. 70% of MENA viewers say YouTube offers sports content that is not found anywhere else.
    2. To stand out means, you need to have catchy content such as:
      1. Highlight recap moments content
      2. Creator and partner content this format is authentic, so fans can feel that they are close to the action.
      3. Archive content makes them nostalgic and revives their moments based on historical information and data.
      4. User-generated content get these going.
  1. Marketing tip: Know where fans are and connect early
    1. Content sponsorship
    2. YouTube offers lineups targeting the exact content your audience is most passionate about.


We at the MEC workshop have created 11 World Cup strategies for marketing success.

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