Mobile APP Marketing Vs Mobile marketing - what is the difference? - MEC workshop

Mobile APP Marketing Vs Mobile marketing – what is the difference?

mobile APP marketing vs mobile marketing insights

Did you know that having an APP is not enough to generate sales and grow your revenue? There are more for an APP than just development and design.

In the next few posts, we will explore the difference between mobile APP marketing and mobile marketing. We will introduce the essentials of mobile app marketing strategies that you need to consider as you build a mobile app marketing strategy.

So, Mobile App Marketing vs Mobile Marketing: What’s the Difference?

mobile app marketing is all about creating marketing campaigns that communicate with your customers at every stage of their life cycle: from when they first download your app, to when they become regular users and brand advocates with many in-app repeat purchases.

For mobile app marketing, the growth lies in performing effective marketing activities designed to attract new users, improve repeat purchases, and lower churn rates.

What does your mobile app marketing funnel include precisely?

  1. ➡️ App development in terms of design, look and feel
  2. ➡️ User Experience strategy (ux)
  3. ➡️ SKU digital planogram
  4. ➡️ Push Notification scheduling
  5. ➡️ email automation (approx. 27 email auto-replies in total)
  6. ➡️ EDM (direct email marketing)
  7. ➡️ If these reasons are not enough to hire us, here are some other reasons why you should work with us
  8. ➡️ Awareness Launch marketing strategy to push for downloads
  9. ➡️ Sets up an account (easy user experience to the point)
  10. ➡️ In-app purchase strategy
  11. ➡️ Increase app usage strategy
  12. ➡️ Stay focused
  13. ➡️ Prioritization marketing strategy
  14. ➡️ Retentionstrategy (in-app messaging)
  15. ➡️ loyalty program
  16. ➡️ Customer Survey

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