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What is the role of PR in marketing?⁣⁣

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Companies tend to carry out PR when they’re launching their #brand, unveiling a #newproduct or reaching a #businessmilestone—but how about after the dust settles on these events? 

Earned #media coverage and #press outreach doesn’t stop after launching a campaign. #PR is an integral part of marketing and should play a key role in #brandstrategy throughout a company’s lifecycle. We’re here to show you why PR is so essential in marketing.⁣⁣



A brand is a symbol of a company: it embodies its vision, culture and first impression to the public. Why is this important? A brand is very closely linked to the way #customers and #prospects see a company and can impact its #revenue

Now, PR is a complement to marketing, providing an added dimension to the brand and working with marketing to get the message across. Where PR shines is in its ability to provide #brandcredibility by putting a “face” to a name. Think of it as a #seconddimension to the #branding process.⁣⁣
The challenge becomes how to align marketing and PR as a cohesive unit. A common misconception about PR is that it doesn’t have much of an impact on revenue. Business executives often ask themselves, how’s PR is contributing to our bottom line?⁣⁣
To counteract this notion, a lot of PR departments are now measuring their results and calculating ROI which is helping bridge the gap, but there’s still a long way to go. Companies should also realize that PR, like the media, is a 24/7/365 business. PR teams being on top of the news market allow a company to be newsworthy and reach its target audience.⁣⁣

An example of success is one of our clients Nice To Meet You which got more than 10 organic re-shares for our PR news



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