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SOLOMO – Social | Local | Mobile

Do you run a small business? Are you an entrepreneur? A principal in a school, a healthcare professional or even a marketer? And thought about doing some marketing to grow your sales?

And you do not have the time to study all the boring marketing/ creative stuff and have very little knowledge about marketing strategies for success? No worries, the MEC workshop’s job is to take care of you and grow your business.

Introducing our SoLoMo strategy, a comprehensive marketing solution for local businesses. SoLoMo stands for Social | Local | Mobile. It is a basic, affordable and very effective strategy for local businesses.

This strategy is a comprehensive marketing solution for local businesses where we can help your marketing team, your creative team, your admissions team deliver on your business goals by not only growing your conversion rate but also building a loyal community with an advocacy program.

solomo for marketers growth strategy
solomo for schools marketing strategy
solomo for healthcare marketing strategy
solomo for startups marketing strategy
solomo for women in business strategy

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