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low success rate in real estate sales

The Reason Behind Low Success Rate In Real Estate Business

Do you know that 87% of real estate agents fail during the first five years of their business? According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the top 10% of real estate brokers earned more than $150,000 in 2017, but what about the rest? The failure rate here is shockingly high. What are these 10% of real estate agents doing that…

NFT and digital marketing


NFT is drastically gaining popularity in the digital world. NFT has been an impactful and dominating technology for some years, and it’s anticipated to continue to be a big thing in the future. Currently, the impact of NFT is highly stimulating, thus attracting different sectors to the platform.  From our previous blog, you learned about NFT in marketing and how…

PR brand marketing

What is the role of PR in marketing?⁣⁣

WHAT IS PR MARKETING? Companies tend to carry out PR when they’re launching their #brand, unveiling a #newproduct or reaching a #businessmilestone—but how about after the dust settles on these events?  Earned #media coverage and #press outreach doesn’t stop after launching a campaign. #PR is an integral part of marketing and should play a key role in #brandstrategy throughout a company’s lifecycle. We’re here to show you why PR is so essential…