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SPEAK UP! Stand Up For What Is Right

Before we speak up for inclusion, we need to speak about inclusion. The more people speak up, the more people listen. What we can do to support inclusion is to talk more about it and being committed to it. We can start by educating ourselves more about different religions, cultures, systems, societies and communities. Life is not all about Instagram,…

linkedin mistakes you should avoid active does not mean private

LinkedIn mistakes you need to avoid – active does not mean private

Have you ever come inappropriate content on LinkedIn where you thought you were on Tinder? Her is another mistake you need to avoid on LinkedIn; we start by restating that LinkedIn is a social channel centred around professionals, career and business opportunities. Post and update your profile with that in mind. Of course, it’s OK to add your opinion in…

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There’s no such thing as a “self-made” successful person. Everyone had to have had some form of help from someone might in their life. Equally, becoming a well-known go-to person can be incredibly challenging at first. And you’ll eventually need other big-name players in the industry to ‘recognize’ you as an expert, which will help you pull yourself along until…

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In this post, we are featuring Jocelyne Elias founder of mindsetrewire Selfimage is very important on a professional and personal level. According to Jocelyne Elias, our internal blueprint is way more important than the external image. External appearance is important but what makes you YOU is mostly how you think (not much what you think) because it shapes how you…