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About MEC Workshop

MECworkshop is a unique marketing cloud agency that delivers marketing solutions

In a nutshell MECworkshop, with its unique cloud structure, is the solution for both businesses and freelancers specifically today due to the unprecedented times we are living by bringing together creative talents to cater to businesses projects with competitive prices.

How does MECworkshop operate? For businesses, MECworkshop ensures they have turnkey marketing solutions at competitive prices. We are a combination of strategists, designers, mentors and consultants, grouped to deliver business solutions. These range from business ideation, customer journey, brand and website design inclusive of a growth strategy. With minimal overhead cost due to its unique structure, MECworkshop delivers high-quality solutions with well-calculated rates. For freelancers, MECworkshop extends a full solution to each expert who has either lost their job because of COVID-19 or are independent talents by ensuring they work on the right project that positively impacts and embraces their skills. Our added value to these talents is volume, quality and customer service with an income that is guaranteed by MECworkshop.

MEC workshop offices media city

mec workshop offices in media city

As a team, we love to challenge the conventional.

We won’t hesitate to push boundaries to fulfil the
vision of our partners

future of marketing and advertising agencies

future of marketing and advertising agencies

Marketing Agency or A Freelancer, how to make the right choice?

Your options are endless with all the platforms that offer freelancers alongside the never-ending list of marketing and digital agencies. Just type freelancer or marketing agency into Google, and the search phrase comes back with more than millions of results. That’s just a few too many to start filtering through.

And there’s your business niche—a marketing professional isn’t one-size-fits-all, which some stakeholders hope to recruit. For example, some marketing freelancers will have all the know-how in the world regarding fashion but have no idea about the healthcare industry or the tech world.

Let’s start with some basic definitions:

A freelancer is an independent marketing, developer, designer or even consultant who will most likely have some experience working for a big company in the past but will provide their services independently. And due to the covid-19 crisis, freelancing is on the rise. A marketing agency is a larger team of marketing, digital, and creative professionals managed by a traditional hierarchical system where the marketers usually won’t be able to pick their project and have a set of expected targets placed on them.

There’s no doubt that not all businesses will have the exact needs, and that’s why this decision isn’t a clear cut one. In my case, a startup will need a dedicated individual who had the know-how, time, and most importantly, the belief in your brand.

marketing agency

your own in-house marketing and advertising agency with zero overhead cost

Pros and cons in hiring a freelancer or Agency

  1. Skills:

No one person is an expert in every field. Instead, a freelancer is known to be talented at a specific niche skill-set. This is why if you want an entire successful marketing funnel, you will require more than just one freelancer.

  1. Service:

In an agency, there is no I. A one-person show is a hazardous value proposition. No matter how talented, professional and committed a freelancer is, unexpected disruptions such as illness, time zone differences or family emergencies can leave your project stranded in neutral. Working with a professional agency eliminates this risk as the team can compensate for the loss of one of their personnel and still meet your deadlines. And the most significant advantage of hiring a professional company is the access to an entire multi-faceted team able to accommodate all of your design, development and marketing needs. Furthermore, since every aspect of the project is delivered by one group, the final product is more consistent and polished than hiring several freelancers that weren’t working together.

  1. Flexibility:

A freelancer usually is more flexible, specifically that they do not work from 9 to 6. And can charge you extra for working evenings and weekends.

  1. Price:

While this is subjective, freelancers have much less overhead than a professional agency, and they are often the least expensive option. However, keep in mind that you get what you pay for, and outsourcing to more than one freelancer can quickly run up a hefty tab.