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Message from our Founder/CVO
Monica E. Chikhani

As the founder of MEC workshop I would like to thank you for visiting our website.

Our Purpose is to make MECworkshop a home to those who dedicate their multi-disciplinary careers and diverse experiences to improving the advertising and marketing industry. It is our place to ‘leave a footprint in the universe.’ We enjoy and value our relationships with like-minded people throughout the marketing community. We find deep satisfaction in seeing our ideas, innovations, and plain hard work result in real improvements for brands and customers.

I started my company MECworkshop in 1996 with zero capital. It was more of a one-person do-it-all. I was eager to show the world what I can create as a change. Filled with passion and boundless creativity, I nailed several projects that needed extra resources. So, I approached like-minded talents that wanted to work but did not have their network or sales skills to sell themselves. Here the idea of the freelance incubator has seen the light, and despite being told, ‘you must be crazy, it will never work,’ I persevered in my idea and concept, grew MEC’s portfolio and relationships. We continued growing and soon were approached by an agency to partner with them and lead their Creative and Experiential departments.

That experience inspired me to look for other areas of the advertising and marketing industry that would benefit from a novel ‘cheaper, better, no worries’ approach. I spent the next few years recruiting talented global teams to build a strong foundation for our unique concept. During the COVID-19 boom in 2020, companies found themselves releasing their employees to survive this crisis, and still, they had work to be done.

No one was used to remote working, whereas at MECworkshop this was our standard way of doing business. MECworkshop’s unique concept reached new peaks. Outsourcing was our field and expertise, clients and agencies were coming to us for support to deliver on their marketing materials.  In 2021 it was time to rebrand and dress up for our new Vision, a Cloud marketing agency. I used the cloud concept, which we all are familiar with and our marketing and advertising process management creative techniques to help our clientele get what they needed with zero overhead cost.

My Mission was nowhere near accomplished. The structural changes in the marketing and advertising industry were just getting underway following our concept. However, I was increasingly meeting professionals looking for help to meet the ‘cloud concept’. More and more people were challenging the status quo and ‘thinking out of the box’, but many were frustrated by the resource constraints or appetite for change where they worked.

It is not just about why MECworkshop exists, whom we serve, what we do, and how we do it that distinguishes us. I sincerely believe that our company and our people must be free to do the right things the right way. We must be structured and aligned – from brief through creative development and up to compensation – to truly support customers, not just in our words but also in our actions. I chose the name “MEC” for the company for several reasons. First, it reflects my values to help our customers improve their future business from where they stand today. Second, it speaks to my hope that my colleagues find their careers at MECworkshop challenging, fulfilling and fun – and that they feel they grow their potential while we work together. Third, I also chose it because it was my name and reflected my experience, ownership, and accountability. Finally, as the founder of MEC workshop, I believe this is an essential differentiator for our customers because it allows our team to build our business for the long term, focused on the needs of our customers and our partners, without the risk of a high overhead cost.

We also look forward to building new relationships and working with new customers, colleagues, and partners in the years ahead.


Monica Chikhani
Founder, CMO/ CVO

Our founder, Ms. Monica Chikhani, CVO, MEC workshop, as mentioned on “Men Industry Era Leaders” Magazine as one of the “10 Most Empowering Women”

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