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think it build it lego and bugatti

Think It Build It! Everything is Possible

THINK IT, BUILT IT! This LEGO Bugatti Chiron is drivable. From a young age, we were always drivers. Our tiny toddler digits grappled those miniature plastic toy cars and drove them up and down furniture and even on the limbs of our parents. But as we grew up, we did not just want something that rolls on all fours, but…

inclusion speak up the more people speak the more people will listen

SPEAK UP! Stand Up For What Is Right

Before we speak up for inclusion, we need to speak about inclusion. The more people speak up, the more people listen. What we can do to support inclusion is to talk more about it and being committed to it. We can start by educating ourselves more about different religions, cultures, systems, societies and communities. Life is not all about Instagram,…

linkedin mistakes you should avoid active does not mean private

LinkedIn mistakes you need to avoid – active does not mean private

Have you ever come inappropriate content on LinkedIn where you thought you were on Tinder? Her is another mistake you need to avoid on LinkedIn; we start by restating that LinkedIn is a social channel centred around professionals, career and business opportunities. Post and update your profile with that in mind. Of course, it’s OK to add your opinion in…