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LinkedIn mistakes you need to avoid – active does not mean private

linkedin mistakes you should avoid active does not mean private

Have you ever come inappropriate content on LinkedIn where you thought you were on Tinder?

Her is another mistake you need to avoid on LinkedIn; we start by restating that LinkedIn is a social channel centred around professionals, career and business opportunities. Post and update your profile with that in mind.

Of course, it’s OK to add your opinion in your posts and an occasional light-hearted caption is sometimes suitable — but using your account to curate funny cat, selfies and what you had for lunch videos isn’t the best use for LinkedIn. Save that stuff for more personal platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok if you’re so inclined.

You should consider photos that are more business-related. Pictures of you with colleagues. Pictures of you in action at work, for instance.

Be mindful that you don’t want to alienate potential employers — not to mention your current boss — with controversial content.

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