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LinkedIn mistakes you need to avoid – stop showing how desperate you are

linkedin mistakes you should avoid stop showing how desperate you are

Did you lose your job? Do you need to pay your bills and need urgently to find another job?

Here is another mistake you need to avoid on LinkedIn stop showing how desperate you are. Keep your feelings to yourself, control your emotions and there is no need to broadcast to the world what you are going through.

Organizations and recruiters have joined LinkedIn to seek potential ventures and professionals that can add value and are profitable for their growth and exposure. Remember, this is the biggest opportunity for you to come into the spotlight and connect with the world’s largest organization effortlessly.

But what if you plea or tag so many people in the content for increased awareness or engagement?

This is totally a wrong practice to get maximum eyes to the post. It represents the desperate side of you. Try to avoid the biggest mistake because leading ventures are never open to such profiles.

It is right that LinkedIn makes it challenging for the users who have the least engagement in the content. The pro tip is to tag people only when it is relevant. Try to make your post interesting enough that tagging doesn’t affect their experience and perceptions about you.

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