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SPEAK UP! Stand Up For What Is Right

Before we speak up for inclusion, we need to speak about inclusion. The more people speak up, the more people listen.

What we can do to support inclusion is to talk more about it and being committed to it. We can start by educating ourselves more about different religions, cultures, systems, societies and communities. Life is not all about Instagram, Facebook, and selfies. Life is about caring for one another, and by that, you need to decide that other people’s experiences and lives do matter. You need to be ok to have more of these uncomfortable conversations where you ask questions and get answers so we can drive more inclusion.

Change is possible, but you need the right people with the right mindset and guts to stand up for one another. You can be that person. You start speaking up for what you think is right and correct the incorrect behaviours or terminologies such as “cameraman” “businessmen lounge” to move generations that were raised in such stereotype societies from this mindset to a better one. Together we can work past these things and other stuff.

At The University of Manchester, “they believe that everyone has the right to live, work and study in an environment free from the fear of harassment, stereotype or violence.”

So, if we want to give a definition for inclusion, what would it be?

  • Inclusion is a world and a society in which constructed barriers is torn down
  • Inclusion is setting up an environment where everybody is comfortable.
  • Inclusion is when you are open to accepting other people’s opinions
  • Inclusion is when all individuals, regardless of their diversity, feel welcomed and respected.
  • Inclusion is where you do not have to try to be what others expect you to be

The University of Manchester’s created a campaign, ‘Speak Up! Stand Up!’  which is led by the University’s Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Team working with the University of Manchester Students Union. It aims to empower people to be active by certain standards. It is great teaching the youth about inclusion and diversity is essential, and we think that schools such as Dubai International Academy and Aradia School and Dubai American Academy should do the same, so we raise our kids to know how to respect one another and give every human being the right to live happily and peacefully.  

If we do not speak about it more change will never happen.

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You can read more about The University of Manchester’s campaign by pressing on this link 

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