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How Environmental Topics Influence Buyer Decisions

environmental topics in the news influence the buyer decision

Environmental topics in news and advertising definitely influence the decision-making process of many buyers. Doing something good to help the environment is increasingly important to many people. One of the easiest ways we can help the environment without making a special effort is to purchase products that are sustainably produced. Products whose production and use have a minimal impact on the environment. 


People are concerned about environmental problems like air pollution, water pollution and global warming. They care about the ways food is produced, including the manner in which animals are treated. The potential dangers of environmental damage and human health issues from agricultural chemicals create a growing demand for humane livestock treatment and organically produced food products. Manufacturing methods that minimize risk to workers and negative impact upon air and water quality. Consumer environmental trends reports, like this one, support the fact that both harvesting/manufacturing and packaging techniques matter to a growing number of today’s buyers. People want packaging materials that are recyclable, companies that acknowledge the essential goal of improving the quality of life and the condition of our environment, who put appropriate practices into place to support those priorities, have an advantage when it comes to sales.  If they spread the word, through extensive and creative marketing plans, to let the public know about the humane, sustainable, low environmental impact practices they follow, they will likely experience increased sales of their products.  

Empowered consumers are calling for change, says a recent Forbes post. There’s no question about it, sustainability sells. If you want consumers to champion your brand, it’s time to go green. 

Unilever is focused on harnessing the latest science to manage environmental impacts and improve the health of the planet.

What are your thoughts on the importance of environmentally friendly business practices?



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