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MArketing Mix for success – product

marketing mix for success 4P's

4P’s of a marketing mix for success

1- Product

Your product is built or produced to satisfy the needs of your customer hence it needs to be created based on that to ensure to have the right type of product that is in demand for your market.

During the product development phase whether design or positioning etc…, the marketer must do extensive research on the life cycle of the product that they are creating.

Marketers must also create the right product mix and constantly reinvent their products to constantly stimulate sales through demand.

In developing your product, you have to answer the following questions:

  1. What does the customer want?
  2. How will the customer use it?
  3. Where will the customer use it?
  4. What features must the product or service have to meet the customer’s needs?
  5. Are there any necessary features that you missed out?
  6. Are you creating features that are not needed by the customer?
  7. What’s the name of the product or service?
  8. Does it have a catchy name/ slogan?
  9. How is the product different from the products or services of your competitors?
  10. What does the product or service look like?

Share with us your answer so we can help you in having the right marketing mix

stay tuned for our next post as we talk about the 2nd P for Marketing Success the Price