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How Good Is Your Mobile APP Marketing?

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How Good Is Your Mobile App Marketing?

It’s straightforward to fall into the vanity metric trap. If “monthly app downloads” is your core metric, you’re losing sight of what’s essential.

The success of your mobile app marketing is determined long before you launch any marketing campaign. It’s determined by the questions you and your team ask each other.

What metrics will determine the success or failure of the app?

After all, you can have 1 million app downloads and get featured on Google Play and Apple’s App Store. But what’s the point if it drives little to no revenue, or worse yet, there’s no process in place to keep people coming back?


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3 mobile APP marketing metrics you should focus on

  1. Average Number of Active Daily and Monthly Users

“Active users” is emphasized deliberately. You want to track the number of users who take actions that generate value for your business.

Only focusing on all daily/monthly users will skew your data and perception of your mobile app marketing performance.

  1. App Session Length

Your app’s session length is the average length (in seconds) a user actively uses your app, from login to close.

Whether you need to improve in this area depends on what kind of app you have.

For example, if your app is a complex mobile game, then 120 seconds per user is disastrous. But, if your app simply tracks daily calorie consumption, then 120 seconds is more feasible as users quickly check their total calories throughout the day.

  1. Acquisitions Segmented by Referral Source

Acquisitions pinpoint the sources that drive the most conversions so you can decide where to invest your marketing dollars.

For example, imagine if your ads generate 200 app downloads a month at $7.60 per conversion, and Google Search ads generate the same at twice the cost.

It would be wise to double-down on your ads as your customer acquisition costs are much lower.

Are you interested in low-investment app marketing strategies? Here are 3 you can try to get started:

  1. Product Hunt
  2. journalist outreach
  3. referral marketing.
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