NFT is drastically gaining popularity in the digital world. NFT has been an impactful and dominating technology for some years, and it’s anticipated to continue to be a big thing in the future. Currently, the impact of NFT is highly stimulating, thus attracting different sectors to the platform. 


From our previous blog, you learned about NFT in marketing and how you can incorporate it into your business. Today, you will learn about NFT and why it’s the next big thing in digital marketing.

1. People are already using digital assets


Although NFTs may seem like a new thing, people have been adopting digital assets for some time now. An example of where digital assets are prevalent is in the gaming world. You might have heard of Fortnite skins, FIFA Ultimate Team cards, and Call of Duty maps. These are digital goodies that you can’t physically touch and, without a doubt, have laid the platform for the emerging NFT market.


This shows that the world is comfortable or obsessed with digital assets like these. For instance, FIFA ultimate team, a game mode hybrid or EA sport’s trading card where participants play games to win coins that they can use to buy mystery packs or players, generates $1.49 billion a year. Even there were allegations that the staff was selling the cards to gamers for $2,500! As you can see, digital assets are essential today, especially for the younger age group (15-24 years).

2. Security


This is another reason why NFT is the next big thing in digital marketing. NFT has a unique signature aspect that guarantees that any piracy won’t make the pirated version authentic. Also, the working of the blockchain market protects the work from data loss. So businesses don’t have to worry because the transactions between them and the consumers are safe and secure.


3. celebrities on board


Today, influencers and celebrities have driven culture as they have never done before. This means that any product or service with a famous name attached to it equals money. So, since celebrities like putting their names into anything on-trend to increase their net worth, many are getting involved in the NFT world. Their entry is pushing the use of NFT further into the spotlight. Snoop Dog, Jack Dorsey, and Paris Hilton are some celebrities who have joined the NFT world. 


For example, the co-founder of Twitter, Dorsey, made at least $3 million from selling his first tweet as an NFT. He later converted it to Bitcoin and gave it to charity. It’s stories like this that are putting NFT in the spotlight. When more celebrities join the NFT world, its spotlight will enhance, causing a growing proportion of mainstream society to get involved and learn about digital tokens. 


4. more audience


As mentioned above, most young people are into NTF. So, many businesses that feel like their brands don’t appeal to Gen-Z or the more youthful crowd will have to use NFTs to get their attention. Joining the NFT world will allow businesses to create their own community that will be different to suit various age groups. NFT caters to almost all segments of society. So you will get people who would like to be involved in your campaign and give feedback. Therefore, ensure your marketing campaign is easy to navigate and user-friendly.


Bottom line


The NFT world is generating huge profits and rewards for the business sector. As NFT grows, the marketing demand for this new technology is vast. Its future is projected to be very bright by a wide margin. Therefore, this is an excellent chance for businesses to adopt better NFT marketing strategies that suit their business model. Do you think NFT is the next new thing in digital marketing? Leave a comment, and let’s see your views.


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