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Real Estate What you should know to sell more

Haven’t you seen people in the real estate business using the same outdated marketing techniques across all the platforms? The same problem prevails not only in the real estate industry but across many other industries. If you are among the ones using the same approaches, then your OUTDATED marketing strategy needs an UPGRADE.

Can you differentiate between two: “Search Properties in UAE for Rent or Sale on the Leading Property Portal” and “Search properties for sale and rent in the UAE

Can you differentiate their brand voice, tone, and presentation? Sounds mundane, right? Hundreds of businesses like yours are talking to their customers with the same message, selling the same benefits in the same tone with the same visuals. Are your prospects even listening? Are you among the ones popping up in your target audience’s search results with the same visuals and messages on every platform? Do you want hot leads showcasing their interest in your ads? How will they if you have nothing different to offer them than your competitors?

According to the Guardian, recent research suggests that the global attention span is narrowing, and trends don’t last long. You only have 3 seconds to grab their attention and hype their interest, or else it is just another blink-and-vanish advertisement that no one cares about, wasting your time and marketing budget!

Old marketing techniques won’t get your prospect’s attention. You must outsmart your competitors and stop following outdated market trends like sheep. So how can you ignite interest in your leads and make them go hot? The answer is by implementing the right real estate marketing strategy. A real estate marketing plan that is 100% customer-centric with the right tactics and current market trends can help you close more sales in less time by optimizing your budget.

Whether you are a seasoned vet or new in the industry, you must build a solid foundation. You cannot just say, ‘exclusive platform for verified properties in Saudi Arabia,” and win hot leads. You must show them that you are credible and lay the foundation with trust. This is how you become ‘verified’ in the eyes of your prospects.

In real estate, one size fits all doesn’t work, and that’s why the MEC workshop offers tailored solutions to your marketing and sales problems. We have worked with some of the biggest names in the real estate industry, including Emaar and Dar Al Arkan, which gives us an upper hand in experience and understanding the industry’s pain points. Our expertise can help you grow your brand equity and be The Real Estate Leader your competitors look up to. It’s time to try solutions that help you grow your relationship with your customers and developers and drive actual results.

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